Ms.Esther Claire De Jesus

4 07 2011

Remember Esther in the last shoot well she is back on the island again and was very eager to get back to work in the modeling scene……I havent seen her in a hot minute so when I got the info that she was back I just had to call up an old friend ^__^………its been almost 2 years since I last worked with her and I got to say that she hasn’t changed which is a good thing πŸ™‚ it made it quite easy to work with……this was a very small but yet fun last minute shoot that we decided to do late in the evening so yes strobes was a must lol…through in my car and a location and boom you get this feature…had fun special thanks to Ms.Esther Claire De Jesus for working with me once again i cant wait to work with you again……I hope everyone likes it and stay tuned for more shoots thanks ^__^


Stacey Leong

24 06 2011

Im back from the dead for a little bit lol……This shoot right here is not really my shoot but I mentored a friend who is trying to get into photography so i decided to help him out..her name is Stacey Leong and she is actually a photographer her self but today she decided to be a model for us ^__^ thank you Stacey…….This shoot was a all natural shoot no flash no reflectors and fancy strobes……natural lighting was all that was used to create this shoot…… of this not being my shoot i only decided to snap a couple of pictures to let everyone know that im still alive in the photography scene ^___^ hope you enjoy it and see everyone soon again!!!!!

Stephany Coloma’s Senior Portraits 2011

29 03 2011

Hey there world…up next is a shoot that was planned for over a few month πŸ™‚ her name is Stephany Coloma and she is one of my good friends from high school. Β She asked me to do this shoot because she didnt want to pay for house of photography or something like that but as a good friend of course I said yes. Β We met up and got the shoot going big shout outs to my friend/ partner Ben for hooking me up with his strobe sets and guidance really appreciate it bro!!! But all in all this shoot went by really well everyone had a good time a lot of laughs and old stories that was brought up which made this shoot even more fun.. now would be a good time to mention that this is one of the first studio shoots that I used a strobe set ..:) just to keep in mind. but any way enjoy the shots from this shoot and I hope that we all could work once again in the future!!!! thank you very much!



Ron’s Bike Shoot

29 03 2011

Hers a mini shoot that I have done for a friend of mine peeep it Β πŸ™‚



Blast from the past with Esther Claire De Jesus

17 03 2011

Heres A blast from the past this is one of the first models that I have shot when I started out in photography notice the OG watermark hahahaha!!!! her name is Esther and she is a friend of mine hope you enjoy a lil throwback πŸ™‚





Welcome to my Domain

11 03 2011

Hey everyone I’m DeeJay from D3photo Welcome to my domain I hope you enjoy my work and thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚